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Through broad ethical data acquisition and intelligent analytics, offers solutions to optimise performance.

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Knowledge = Better Performance

We use both human intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop scalable systems that identify response patterns and opportunities within your data.

We can show you not only where, but why your performance is being achieved.

Data Analytics

Our systems are used to analyse a vast range of campaigns and data sources. Most typically, we're used to attribute responses and identify engagement triggers and behaviours.

  • TV Advertising Attribution Analytics.
  • Radio Advertising Attribution Analytics.
  • On-Demand TV and Video Advertising.
  • Print, Press and Digital Advertising and PR.
  • Consumer engagement (for example, raffle competitions).
  • Data pools (small and big data sources).
  • Sales pipeline monitoring (from response and leads to sale and logistics).
A photograph of people choosing to use CAIT analytics for their TV Campaign attribution analysis.
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Data Gathering

We help create sources of data, or organise and analyse your existing data pools.

  • Website Scraping: one-off and automated scheduled.
  • Surveys
  • Response tracking:
    • Dedicated Telephone Numbers.
    • Website "Pixel" and tracking scripts.

Response Attribution with Contextual Layering

Basic attribution aligns responses to triggers (advertising schedules, for example). CAIT technology goes further by overlaying contextual skews to identify real-world opportunities otherwise hidden within the data.

  • Principal response attribution.
  • Artificial Intelligence Response Pattern Identification.
  • Context-based analysis:
    • Human Behaviour.
    • Environmental.
    • Regional.
    • Demographic.
    • Cultural.
    • Political.
    • Economical.
Response Attribution Analytics photographs
Custom Analytics Dashboards or PowerBI output demonstration.

Data Reporting, Data Rendering and Live Graphics

We create data and graphic renders from the output of CAIT's algorithms and interpretations, which are ideal for Microsoft PowerBI Dashboards, or other automated processing systems. We produce live feeds of interpreted data and even video feeds with graphical representations. In most cases, we produce regular reports or live dashboards from realtime data.

  • Live Performance Dashboards.
  • Reports created by humans.
  • Automated AI Interpretation Reports.
  • Abnormal behaviour reporting.
  • Graphics rendering for Broadcast Television, Live Streams and Event Screens.

Technologies and Capabilities

  • Pre-designed common and proprietary or bespoke algorithms.
  • Database creation and scalable data storage.
  • Owned and Co-Located Data Centres.
  • Automatic & Secure AI Integration.
  • Custom Software Development:
    • Systems Integration.
    • Cloud, virtual or dedicated server provision.
    • Detailed Specification, Testing and Code Control.
    • Full stack development, specialising in RUST, C++, Python, PHP, Javascript, SQL, NoSQL.
    • Marketing Websites, Apps, Back and Front-ends.
A photographic example of CAIT Data Centre technology.

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